WISE-Futures centre is supporting the NM-AIST plans to establish an FM radio station. Through this support, the institution is in the final stages of launching the online radio Nelson Mandela Radio, plans and actions to extend it to reach FM radio under the name Nelson Mandela 98.9 FM is ongoing. As we approach this milestone, we are excited to share our vision for the radio station and the impactful role it will play within the community.

The primary aim at Nelson Mandela FM 98.9 Arusha is to inform, educate, and entertain the masses, with a special focus on the realm of Science and Technology. The institution is committed to delivering high-quality content that is not only accurate, fair, and balanced but also transparent and aligned with the highest standards of editorial integrity.

The radio aspires to serve as a catalyst for progress within the continent by bringing together researchers to address developmental challenges through the dissemination of their research outputs. It will also foster collaboration between the public, private sector, and academia, facilitating discussions that bridge gaps and generate innovative solutions.

The radio programmes will cultivate a culture of innovation by providing a platform for entrepreneurs, thinkers, and start-ups to showcase their ideas and innovations, thereby contributing to the advancement of society as a whole.