WISE-Futures works in partnership with both public and private sectors for joint collaboration in teaching and learning, research and publications, outreach programs, students and staff exchanges and resources mobilization.

WaterAid, eWater UK, Babati District Council & Arusha District Council

Sector:  Water Supply Technology

This collaboration involves implementing Sustainable eWater Prepaid System for Rural Water Supply. Funded by DFID, this project which implemented in Babati district (Manyara Region) and Arusha District (Arusha Region). In this project WISE-Futures (NM-AIST) support the implementation process, conducts baseline studies, monitoring, capturing and sharing lesson learnt.


eWater project prototype as installed at NM-AIST (left), and Babati District (Right)

Mobisol Tanzania

Sector: Solar Energy

Areas of Collaboration;

1. Providing internships and workplace exposure to graduate students in the areas of solar energy, each year two WISE-Futures PhD students will spend 3-6 months at Mobisol offices based in Arusha to get more practical experience

2. Providing employment opportunities to graduate students after practical training at Mobisol and if such opportunity arises, WISE-Futures students will be given priority by Mobisol before hiring new people

3. Providing innovative research and development service solutions to address issues related to energy collaboration with local and regional partners

4. NM-AIST and Mobisol will support students and researchers to come up with solutions based on identified gaps and provide access to their state of art laboratory facilities

5. Commercializing deduction, research and innovation establishment of customer-ordered training programs by having a joint professional training on areas related to solar energy and rural distribution, which will assist in generating income

6. Establishment of business incubators/learning factories which both WISE-Futures and Mobisol will support to develop as an innovation centre where multiple needs of enterprises will be addressed, encourage peer to peer networking and offer technical assistance and develop more entrepreneurs in the long run.

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A to Z Textile Mills Ltd.

Sector: Sanitation
Areas of Collaboration;

1. Providing internships and workplace exposure to graduate students in the areas of sanitation.

2. Fostering innovative research and development service solutions.

3. Resource mobilization and  Participate in the process of reviewing and developing curricular for MSc and PhD.

          4.Establishment of business incubasions/learning factories which both A to Z and NMAIST will support to develop as an innovation Centre.

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Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU)

Sector: Energy
Areas of Collaboration;

Starting 2018 Flow Informatics laboratory of Prof. Young-Ho Lee will host two NM-AIST PhD students in Korea for a maximum of three months annually. WISE-Futures and Flow Informatics Lab of Prof. Young-Ho Lee has acquired funding to support mobility and research.

Specific areas of interest include;

1. Renewable energy specifically wind turbines, micro-hydropower, solar and ocean energy

2. Hybrid system design and storage

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