Master’s Degree fellows

January 2018 Intake – Masters Students

Name: John Pyuza Gunda
Nationality: Tanzanian
Research Tittle: Designing solar powered evaporative cooling storage system for perishable fruits and vegetables.

Name: Karungi Acheles
Nationality: Ugandan
Research Title: Production of acetone-Butano-Ethanol(ABE) from sugarcane optimised microwave assisted alkali pretreatment.

Name: Paulo Martin Sanka
Nationality: Tanzanian
Research Title: Application of rice and corn husk biochar for removal of selected heavy metal ions from industrial waste water.

Name: Semba Michael
Research Title:Optimazitation on the slaughter house water house treatment system.

Name: Joseph John Mollel
Research Topic: Comparative analysis of methods of synthesis of porous carbon for super capacitors applications.

Name: Musiba Masamba Musiba
Research Title Assesment of pattern of  water resource contamination at large scale gold mining.

Name: Benedicto Joseph
Research Title:Semi transparent building intergrated photovolltaic panel pefomance evaluation in Arusha Tropics,Tanzania.

Name: Ismail Juma Madai
Research Title: Production of biodiesel from Nrrmseed iol using banana peels as a biobase catalyst.

Name: Godwin Lucas Kapama
Research Topic:Evaluation of water balance of the Empakai crater lake in the Northern crater highland.

Name: Latifa O.Nyembo
Research Title:Impact of climate change on ground water in lake Manyara.

Name: Jophillene Phillip Bejumula
Research Title:Accumulation of fluoride in fish grownin high fluoride area :case study Ngarenanyuki ward.

Name: Emmanuel James
Research Topic:Influence of anti oxidant additivities on stability of biodiesel derived from water hyacint of lake Victoria origion.

Name: Zuberi Lwimbo
Research Title: Impact of land use change  and agriculture practice on groundwater recharge and quality in Kehe catchment in Tanzania.

Name: Keth Sirengo
Research Title: Fish bladder – Based Activated carbon|co3O4|TiO2 Composite Electrodes for Supercapacitors.

Name: Plassidius J Chengula
Research Title:Theoretical & experimental studies of theimidazolium based Ionic liquids for super capacitor application.

Name:Lucia M Petro
Research Topic: Optimization of domestic biogas stove burner for efficient energy utilization.

Name: Upendo Paul Shushu
Research Topic: Optimization of unplanned water Distribution Network: A case study of Mwanza City.

Name: Yotham Andrea
Research Topic: Experimental measurements of the effects of soil dust deposition on the perfomance of photovoltiaic modules

Name: Rochi Shabani
Nationality: Tanzanian
Research Title: Historical record of population in lake Victoria,Mwanza ports Tanzania.

Name: James Simon Kishinhi
Research Title:Use of locally available bauxite ore for treatment of froulide rich community domestic water supply.

Name: Kashinje Salamba Manyanda
Research Topic: Economic potentials of installing photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors for off grid rural electrification and domestic hot water heating in urban areas

Name: Michael Semba
Research Topic: Optimization of the slaughterhouse wastewater treatment system :A case study Mwanza City slaughterhouse.

Name: Omari Sufiani Mabinga
Research Title:Surface charge enhance capacitive deonization electrodes for   deionized water production.

Research Topic: