WISE-Futures has played an essential part in strengthening the quality of education at NM-AIST. From 2017 to 2023, the center has provided invaluable support for the development and strengthening of 18 MSc and PhD programs across the Schools of Materials Energy, Water, and Environmental Sciences (MEWES), Business and Humanities (BuSH), and Computational and Communication Science and Engineering (COCSE), in collaboration with the Tanzania Commission for Universities. Sixteen programs have already received accreditation, while two programs are currently undergoing evaluation.

In 2020, the center initiated the accreditation of two international postgraduate programs; Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (MSc. MaSE) and the Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering (PhD. MaSE). Despite many challenges faced along the way, the center is proud to announce the approval of the above-mentioned programs. Thanks to the international accreditation of these programs, the institution has positioned itself to compete at the international level, and it stands ready to welcome students from different countries.

These programs received accreditation from the Agency for Quality Assurance (AQAS) in Germany. They will be offered at NM-AIST under the School of MEWES. Furthermore, students will benefit from this accreditation, as these programs guarantee the global recognition of their education, maintain high standards, and offer a wide range of opportunities, ultimately enhancing their career prospects and academic growth.