Colin Courtney-Mustaphi

Name: Colin Courtney-Mustaphi

Title: Post-doctoral researcher


I am a researcher at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and am interested in how humans interact with their environment and what these modifications do to the world around us. I use a multidisciplinary approach by combining paleoenvironmental, archaeological, anthropological, historical, and remote sensing data – to explore natural and anthropogenic influences on ecosystems and landscapes. By investigating the characteristics and consequences of human modifications to environments in recent Earth history, we develop precedent and context for exploring dialogues on potential future trajectories for managed landscapes. I am also interested in how knowledge interacts with social values and rule sets that govern perceptions of land use/land cover change and contribute in stakeholder co-benefit balancing and consensus building toward land management policy formulation. 

I have been involved in previous and on-going projects in tropical East Africa, the Arctic, mountain areas of western North America, and peri-urban areas in eastern Canada

Publication List

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

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*equal contribution

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