Christopher Thomas Warburg

Name: Christopher Thomas Warburg
Nationality: Tanzanian
Studying :PhD Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering.
Research Title : Assesment of the potential of solar PV power output in Tanzania.


Christopher T Warburg has a BSc Forestry degree from Sokoine University of Agriculture, MSc Forest Engineering degree from Oregon State University and MSc Renewable Energy Science and Engineering degree from Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD degree in Renewable Energy Science and Engineering at NM-AIST under WISE-FUTURE centre scholarship programme. Born in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, he has work experience outside the country as a research officer at Malkerns Research Station in Swaziland; currently he works at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania. Passionate about nature, energy and conservation, Mr. Warburg has done several consultancy works for solar system sizing, biomass and biofuels as well as forest conservation.

Mr. Warburg is a recipient of several awards including Best worker award for year 2015 at the Forest Engineering Department, SUA and Research and innovation award for being the best 2014 Master’s student in Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering Programme of NM-AIST, Arusha.

Relevant Publications

  1.  Off-grid and rural energy access in East African countries: challenges and opportunities. Presented at the 1st International Conference on: Water Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Futures in a Changing Environment. The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology Arusha, Tanzania, Tengeru Campus. December 4 – 8, 2017
  2. Warburg, C. and King’ondu, C. (2014).Energy Characteristics of Five Indigenous Tree Species at Kitulangalo Forest Reserve in Morogoro, Tanzania. (Published in IJRER Volume 4, Dec. 2014).
  3. Comparison of in-situ biomass production and nutrient use efficiency of different types of indigenous tree species in Tanzania. (2014). A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Sustainable energy science and engineering of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology.