Ramadhani Bakari

Name: Ramadhani Bakari

Nationality : Tanzanian

Studying Program :PhD in Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering (SESE)

Year Enrollment : 2016/2017



Mr Ramadhani Bakari holds an MSc. In Chemical Engineering from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He has a background in Chemical and Process Engineering from the same university. In the past 7 years, from he started his Msc, Bakari has actively involved in the renewable energy engineering research based on the flat plate solar collectors for solar dryers. In his research life, Mr Bakari has managed to publish four peer review articles in local and international journals as well as attended several conferences. Mr Bakari is working for the University of Dodoma as Assistant Lectures for past six years.  During his service, before joining NM-AIST for PhD studies, he held several managerial posts at (UDOM) such as Head of Department of Petroleum and Energy Engineering for more than three years.

Mr Bakari has currently enrolled in a PhD programme (by thesis) at NM-AIST through the WISE-Future scholarships to undertake the research on thesynthesis of catalyst for tar reforming during biomass gasification.



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 Area of studies

Synthesis of catalyst for tar reforming during biomass gasification