Dr Hans C. Komakech (Centre Leader of WISE – Futures/Senior Lecturer at the Nelson Mandela African Institution for Science and Technology, Arusha, Tanzania) and Barbara Schreiner (Executive Director of the Water Integrity Network, Berlin, and Advisor to the Minister of Water and Sanitation of South Africa)  will present Hybrid Water Law” on 12 July 2021, at 13:00 CEST  or 14:00 pm EAT through the FAO  Water Tenure Mondays webinar series.

In four out of five African countries, permitting is the dominant legal tool to regulate water resource use. Yet, the administrative burden of processing permits for millions of small-scale irrigators appears unsurmountable. The de minimis uses that are exempted from the obligation to apply for a permit, but are vital for basic livelihoods, have a weak legal status. In addition, permit systems override age-old community-based water tenure. This webinar discusses the emerging concept of hybrid water law as one way to address these challenges.