Short Courses

WISE-Futures Short Courses

The centre equip graduates, practitioners including staff of partner universities with interdisciplinary and specialized skills and competencies needed to address development challenges related to water, sanitation, and energy security. WISE – Futures offer short courses (lasting 2 – 3 weeks) targeting water, sanitation and energy practitioners including technicians. Short courses are tailored to meet the actual needs in the water, sanitation and energy sector. Secondly, the centre provides training in the critical areas of water, sanitation and energy security leading to Masters and PhD degrees. In addition to existing Masters and PhD programs at NM-AIST, new programs in hydroinformatics, hydrogeology, petroleum and gas will be introduced. Third, the centre offers gender mainstreaming training, aimed at developing mentoring skills, leadership capacity, science skills to Masters and PhD graduates. The course allows all masters students to use their expertise and creative thinking to solve real-life problems or projects identified by private sector partners. To improve quality of training delivery the centre has established Faculty Learning Communities (FLC), in other words University Teaching Qualifications programme. This provides essential pedagogical skills for existing and newly employed academic staff.

WISE – Futures Short Courses

  • The centre offers short courses (2 weeks) in
  • Water Infrastructure Project preparation and development
  • Instrumentation for data collection and analysis for water or hydro-technicians
  • Water utilities Management (non-revenue water, investment planning etc)
  • Research and Grant Proposal development
  • Scientific publishing
  • Academic Consultancy Training
  • PhD mentorship and guidance