Sarah Angelo


Sarah Angelo is the Procurement Officer of Wise- Futures African Centre of Excellence.  She directs the Centre procurement functions throughout by providing strategic policy, direction and advice. She guides and oversees the Centre procurement activities in every area from Goods and Works to Consultancy and non Consultancy services.  Ms. Angelo joined the Wise- Futures team in May 2017.

Among her duties, Ms. Angelo is responsible for all purchasing matters, including the Planning, managing andproviding technical advice on procurement activities, in line with the Tanzania Government Procurement Procedures and regulations ensuring compliance as well as conformance with best practices. In line with the Centre’s objectives; Ms. Angelo’s goal is to improve the Centre’s procurement section into an efficient and effective divisionfurther into one of the Institution premier unit.

Prior to joining the Centre, Mr. Angelo served as a procurement Officer in the Institute of Accountancy Arusha where she practiced Public Procurement. In that role she was responsible of the entire Institute and its three branchesthrough providing strategic procurement direction, contract management and acquisition advice for all elements.

Ms. Angelo has an Advance Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management in addition to aMaster’s degree in Procurement and Logistics Management. She is also a Certified Procurement and Supplies Professional.