Master’s Degree fellows

January 2018 Intake – Masters Students

Name: John Pyuza Gunda
Nationality: Tanzanian
Research Topic: Solar energy for different application

Name: Karungi Acheles
Nationality: Ugandan
Research Topic: Bio-butanol production from sugarcane straw

Name: Paulo Martin Sanka
Nationality: Tanzanian
Research Topic: Assessment on the quality of the receiving water bodies receiving the effluents from the municipal and industrial wastewater treatments

Name: Semba Michael
Research Topic: Assessment of effect of loading and string rats of the performance of bioreactor for the slaughterhouse wastewater treatment.

Name: Joseph John Mollel
Research Topic: Energy storage

Name: Musiba Masamba Musiba
Research Topic: Assessing the impact of  spatial and temporal rainfall variability on water resources.

Name: Benedicto Joseph
Research Topic: An assessment of solar PV Electrification on rural livelihood Transformation: A case study of Ukara island, Mwanza Tanzania

Name: Ismail Juma Madai
Research Topic: Design and fabrication of micro wind energy turbine for rural electrification

Name: Godwin Lucas Kapama
Research Topic:Evaluation of water balance of the Empakai crater lake in the Northern crater highland.

Name: Latifa O.Nyembo
Research Topic: Analysis of the impact of climate change on hydrological cycle particular on surface water quality and quantity.

Name: Jophillene Phillip Bejumula
Research Topic: Assessing the role of effective micro organism(EM) in ditoxifying mine landfill leachates in Tanzania.

Name: Emmanuel James
Research Topic:

Name: Zuberi Lwimbo
Research Topic: Impact of land use change on groundwater recharge and agriculture practices on groundwater quality in Kehe catchment in Tanzania.

Name: Keth Sirengo
Research Topic: Fish bladder based activated carbon|co3O|TiO2 electrodes for supercapacit electrodes.

Name: Plassidius J Chengula
Research Topic: Design of flowable electrode for PV energy storage.

Name:Lucia M Petro

Research Topic: Optimization of domestic biogas store’s burner for effective energy utilization.

Name: Upendo Paul Shushu
Research Topic: Urban water managment

Name: Yotham Andrea
Research Topic: Application of solar energy for water pumping station

Name: Rochi Shabani
Nationality: Tanzanian
Research Topic: Assessment of m     toxic on surface water quality

Name: James Simon Kishinhi
Research Topic: Urban water management

Name: Kashinje Salamba Manyanda
Research Topic: Economic potentials of installing photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors for off grid rural electrification and domestic hot water heating in urban areas

Name: Michael Semba
Research Topic: Decentralized wastewater treatment

Name: Omari Sufiani Mabinga
Research Topic: Electrochemical Capacitive deionization stack design for desalination