WISE-Futures works in partnership with both public and private sectors for joint collaboration in teaching and learning, research and publications, outreach programs, students and staff exchanges and resources mobilization.

  • Internship and and workplace exposure to graduate students.
  • Resource mobilization.

  • Professional short courses.
  • Research and publicsations.
  • Outreach and partnership.

  • Joint research and educational projects and programmes
  • Exchange of information and publications.
  • Exchange of students for research activities.
  • Joint workshop and training activies.
  • Any other scientific related activities.

  • Providing internship
  • Establishment of business incubators/learning factories

  • Jont events.
  • Joint learning and capacity development activities.
  • Joint resourse mobilization.
  • Joint contribution to communication and public awareness.

  • This collaboration involves implementing “Sustainable eWater Prepaid System for Rural Water Supply ” and
  • “Sustainable rural water and sanitation services through innovative technologies,behaviour centred interventions and management models” Project