Four projects have been won under WISE – Futures ;

Project Name

Water purification using capacitive deionization (CDI)

Project Donor The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), grant number: RGA No. 16-529 RG/CHE/AF/AC_G – FR3240293305 dated 12 December 2016
Project Value USD 37,926

The project focuses on CDI for water desalination. It has offered full scholarships to two master’s students working on CDI to remove lead from water and integrating anti-microbial function in the CDI for water disinfection. The project also supports the purchase of Laboratory equipment; the Vertex.1A.EIS electrochemical analyzer


Project Name

Establishment of a regional enterprise to commercialize the integrated technologies for agro/biowaste conversion in eastern Africa

Project Donor SiDA through Bioinnovate Africa project, Project Code: B8401B10010 (BIOCON)
Project Value USD 250,000

The project intends to commercialize the constructed wetland technology which is for wastewater treatment and bio digesters for biogas production. The integrated constructed wetland – bio-digester technology brings the cost-effective way of dealing with waste water from industries. From the process, the by products such as bio-gas and bio-fertilizer are produced apart from the clean water produced from the waste water. In the project includes partners from Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania; the lead partner: Tanzania (NM-AIST).


Project Name

Sustaining rural water supply through innovative models (eWater
payment technology)

Project Donor DFID
Project Value USD 60,000

In this project NM-AIST shall design and conduct baseline studies on technology performance and willingness to pay. The tools for performing monitoring and comparative analysis of the eWater system, solar pumping, and defluoridation technologies shall also be designed and implemented for community use.


Project Name

Evaluation of suitability of water hyacinth from Lake Victoria-Tanzania as a feedstock for Bio-fuel Production

Project Donor The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), grant number: 17-495 RG/CHE/AF/AC_G – FR3240297727 dated 15th January 2018
Project Value USD 40,915

The main objective of the project is to investigate the suitability of water hyacinths from Lake Victoria as a feedstock for biofuel production such as bio-ethanol gel, bio-ethanol and biodiesel. The project has given scholarship to two Master’s students. One has full scholarship and the other partial scholarship.
The students will be involved in the production of biofuels from water hyacinths and characterization. Also, they will investigate the economic feasibility of producing biofuels from water hyacinths. The project also supports the purchase of research equipment; Rancimat equipment model 892 will be purchased for measuring oxidation stability of various biofuels.