Since 2017 WISE-Futures has been supporting the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) to review and develop academic programmes. The support were accorded to three schools namely Materials Energy Water and Environmental Sciences (MEWES), Business and Humanities (BuSH), and Computational and Communication Science and Engineering (COCSE). So far 11 programs have been accredited by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). Among these 11 programs,

The school of COCSE has three programs (MSc Information System and Network Security, MSc Wireless and Mobile Computing Engineering; and MSc Embedded and Mobile System) and the school of MEWES has eight programs (MSc Environmental Science and Engineering, MSc Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, MSc Materials Science and Engineering, MSc Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering, PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering, PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources, PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, and PhD in Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering).

WISE-Futures also support the institution in the process of establishment and accreditation of degree programmes in nuclear science and technology. Once successfully accredited, it will be first programs of such kind to be offered within Tanzania. Apart from national accreditation, WISE-Futures have also supported the institution the accreditation of degrees at the international level. The centre as facilitated the institution in the process of acquiring international accreditation of the degree programmes; MSc in Materials Sciences and Engineering, PhD in  Materials Science and Engineering, and MSc in  Embedded and Mobile System. The programs are currently under review by Agency for Quality Assurance (AQAS), is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the accreditation of higher education institutions based in Germany.