Over 66 Quality Assurance Officers from 40 higher learning Institution participated training in on quality assurance with the theme “Enhancing Quality Assurance and Practices in Higher Learning Institution in Tanzania”  at Sokoine University Agriculture in Morogoro. The two days’ workshop organized by Tanzania Universities Quality Assurance Forum (TUQAF) from 8th to 9th October 2020.

In building capacity to staff, the WISE-Futures support three Quality Assurance Officers from NM-AIST (Dr. Athanasia Matemu, Mr.Samwel Credo and Mr. Otto Matonya) to attend the workshop.

The workshop aimed at enhancing quality assurance and practices in higher learning institution in Tanzania.

Key issue covered   through presentation and discussion were Standard Guidelines of the TCU, Roles and Mandate of the Tanzania Commission for the Universities, Lessons from the 2016 special academic audit, New approaches to quality assurance in the changing world of university education, Getting feedback from stakeholders tracers study, Understanding opportunities and challenges in the process of reviewing undergraduate curriculum using ABC approach, Linking higher learning Institution and industry.

After the workshop the annual general assembly constituting the fourth general assembly of TUQAF was conducted whereas report from chairperson and report by treasurer were received and discussed. The participants were awarded certificate of participations.