The World Bank and Department of Science and Technology India exchanged MoU on 11th March 2019 in India followed by meeting on how to implement activities related to strengthening the African Center of Excellence (ACEs) in Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee 12-13th March 2019.

MOU exchange: Second left   Dr. S. K. Varshney, Department of Science and Technology Government of India and second right Mr. Jorge Coarasa, World Bank)

WISE-Futures Deputy Center Leader Dr. Yusufu Abeid Chande Jande and Prof. Alfredy Muzuka from Nelson Mandela  African Institution of Science and Technology attended meeting from 11-13th  March 2019. The collaboration intends to support capacity building through knowledge transfer for number of students (male and  female)  enrolled in ACEs Masters and PhD programs and faculty exchange.

During the discussion of the meeting regarding the activities to be implemented in this project, the project is divided into four areas such as material science and renewable energy, water infrastructure and management and environment, railway and informatics and ICT.

Furthermore WISE – Futures in this  exchange is focusing on water related activities and agreed that the Center will send four (4) PhD student to Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (ITR), Two(2) MSc students and four academic staff each year, similarly will be receiving one(1) faculty in each year from IIT.

Additionally, WISE- Futures in the water sector will be working with IIT Roorkee and Delhi, in parallel to that water in energy production is part of it.