Announcement of WISE – Futures PhD and Master’s Scholarship Opportunities Available at NM-AIST for 2017/18 Academic Year

The African centre of excellence on Water Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Futures (WISE – Futures) at Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) in Arusha, Tanzania, is announcing the MSc and PhD scholarships to support students to study at NMAIST in three key areas: water and sanitation, water resources, and energy. Students should have admission or applied in programs available at NMAIST website ( related to Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Hydrogeology, Water Resources Management, Environmental Science and Engineering, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering in Energy Materials or water treatment/purification technologies. Students with background in Water Resources Engineering, Hydrology, Water Supply Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering or equivalent related fields such as Applied Mathematics, Geology, Ecology, Agricultural/Irrigation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental or Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geosciences etc. are eligible.
These scholarships are open to local and regional students. The partial scholarships will run for three years for PhD and two years for Master’s programs. The scholarship is initially granted for one year and may be subsequently extended upon successful academic performance. While on the scholarship, students are encouraged to apply for additional funds for research money. Successful applicants are expected to report for studies in mid-January 2018 (Date to be communicated once selected).

Eligibility criteria
1) One page motivation letter.
2) Academic transcripts and certificates in relevant fields.
3) NM-AIST admission letter or proof of completed application for admission to NM-AIST (In case you do not have admission letter, please apply admission through
4) A recommendation letter from the current employer and/or previous supervisor / educator.
5) Evidence of peer reviewed journal publications (added advantage for Masters and PhD by coursework but a requirement for PhD by research).
6) A maximum of 2-page of Curriculum Vitae (CV).
7) For Masters and PhD by coursework a 2-page research concept note fitting the key areas of WISE – Futures: water and sanitation, water resources, and energy.
8) For Masters and PhD by research 3000 words (minimum) research concept note fitting the key areas of WISE – Futures: water and sanitation, water resources, and energy
9) Incomplete documents or failure to follow instructions will automatically lead to disqualification.
10) Please note that only successful candidates will be informed for further instructions on reporting time to commence studies at NM-AIST.
11) Concept notes for MSc and PhD students should be in one of these areas: (i) fecal sludge emptying system, characterization, and treatment, (ii) decentralized waste water treatment and resource recovery, (iii) micro-hydro power and micro-wind energy turbine design, (iv) capacitive deionization stack design for desalination, (v) solar energy for different applications, (vi) water resources management, (vii) ground water quality and flow system analysis, (viii) water productivity and irrigation development, (ix) climate impact modeling (downscaling and prediction of change), (x) hydropower development (xi) urban water management, (xii) water supply, (xiii) solar PV design, (xiv) membrane design for water purification, (xv) performance improvement of Tanzanian gas power plants, (xvi) Smart grid, and (xvii) distributed urban system transformation (DUST) (the group of students can work on this, i.e, water purification system, energy, irrigation, waste water treatment, etc.)

How to apply?

Send your applications with all required documents via email: Application Deadline: Monday, January 01, 2018 at 1800. Your email subject should mention your nationality, name, research area number as given in number 11 of eligibility criteria, and whether MSC or PhD.