21Feb 2020

ACEWM is organizing an international conference on “First Africa conference on water security and aquatic ecosystems management”. The conference is being organized jointly with the China-Africa Water Association. The conference has attracted prominent water professionals to keynote speakers.   Detailed information about the conference can be found at   Hence, this is to kindly […]

07Jan 2020

  INSEFOODS’ goal is to achieve long-term food and nutritional security by using insects as a cost-effective source of protein and other nutrients for food and feeds.  Students interested in conducting thesis research related to insects as food and feeds will qualify for limited support. INSEFOODS guidelines and procedures for support will apply. The details […]

20Nov 2019

2020 WORKSHOP ON “NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY FOR WATER AND FOOD SECURITY”. Organized by The  Centre for Water Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Futures (WISE-Futures) at The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology , Arusha, Tanzania , from 20- 31 July 2020.   WISE-Futures Call for workshop on Nuclear Technology for Water and Food security