Date: 12th to 13th Sept.2018

Achieving water, sanitation, and energy security in the face of a changing environment are the key global challenges today. Many experts agree that the rapidly growing global population particularly in urban areas in less developed countries will be the greatest challenges of the 21st century. As cities grow, maintaining equitable access to sufficient quantity of good quality water, food, sanitation, and energy becomes critical. Presently over 50% of urban population in the global south, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, lacks access to safely managed drinking water and safe sanitation. Access to energy remains low and erratic due to its strong link to changing climatic variables. Over the next 15 – 30 year, water, sanitation, and energy research will need to address issues of water scarcity management, sustainable sanitation, disaster risk and drought, energy storage and off-grid solutions. This conference serves as a platform for discussions towards achieving water infrastructure and sustainable energy security futures in a shifting environment.

Relevant Topics:
Water and Sanitation Security:

1. Urban water and sanitation planning and management
2. Safely managed drinking water sources: towards SDG 6.1
3. Knowledge management for water and sanitation security
4. Water purification technologies

Energy Security:

1. Energy generation and storage systems
2. Energy management in buildings and industries
3. Energy security and sustainable development goals
4. Knowledge management for energy security
5. Energy, water, food, and biodiversity nexus
6. Energy modeling and simulation
7. Smart grid
8. Energy economics and policy

Water Resources security:

1. Water, food, energy, and conservation nexus
2. Climate change and disaster risk management
3. Optimization of reservoirs, modelling water resources, new technologies in water resources management
4. Water resources security and sustainable development goals
5. Sustainable river basin and groundwater management
6. Agricultural water productivity
7. Knowledge management for water resources
8. Urban water management (floods and supply)
9. Integrated water resources management and governance

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